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Seeker Rail Boss Rods
Rail rod fishing has become popular not only on the West Coast Long Range boats, but on charter boats all over the planet. Instead of using a rod belt and harness, this method relies on the rail to rest the rod on for leverage releaving the fisherman from the stresses of stand up fishing.
Solid E Glass, the Rail Boss was designed for those who like the feel and flex of an all glass Rod.  6'6" in length and rated from 50lb to a conservative 100lb line in 4 different models. The Rail Boss rods are equipped with indestructible fore grips for durability, and  finished with Fuji BHBNG heavy duty ring guides.
Seeker Rail Boss Rods

RR 50  6 1/2'    $440
RR 60  6 1/2'    $440
RR 80  6 1/2'    $463
RR 100 6 1/2'   $469
Seeker Rail Boss Rods

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