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Avet T-RX 80W

The Avet T-RX 80W's are HERE
,  these powerhouses with their massive drag capabilities up to 120+ pounds and their ability to load copious amounts of braided line. Suitable for all large species, it is doubtful any fish could outpull these amazing reels, A must have for the serious Sharker, Giant Tuna and Marlin anglers or just to expand the range of species that can now be targeted including the enormous Goliath Grouper.
Get the Advantage, Order Now , $959
The specifications are as follows
2 speed 2.7-1 high, 1.3-1 low
Quad carbon fiber drag discs
Drag pressure @ strike>100 lbs.
@full>120+ lbs
9 S/S RUBBER SEALED bearings
Weight 120 ounces
Line Capacity 1000yds 80 lb mono,
1900/130 hollow braid
Available in Silver, Gold, Blue, Purple,
Red, Green, Black
Full 1 year warranty
        727 484 6705
We recommend a Super Seeker or Seeker Black Steel rod for the the Avet TRX reels
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Super Seeker rods
Seeker Black Steel Rods

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