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Avet HX, HXJ & HXW Reels
Above: Avet HXW 5/2 2 speed
Above: Avet HX 5/2 reels
Above: Avet HXJ 5/2 reels
Avets HX 5/2 series now includes the HXJ, narrow spool

Avet has released the narrow spool version of the HX
Designated the HXJ 5/2, we're going to call it the HOO-J, this completes the trio, A standard width and both a wide and narrow spool version.

The Hoo-J is narrow, keeping the crank center very close to the plane of the rod.  This optimizes fast reeling with little or no wobble. This reel is perfect for butterfly jigs, yo-yoing, etc. Even with the narrow spool, we have spooled it with 300 yds of 80 hollow braid leaving just enough room for a short 25 to 30 ft leader. For those requiring more line the HXJ can be spooled with 300/65 solid braid and a 100 yd topshot of 50/60 lb mono. No doubt this will become one of Avets most sought after models.

Larger than the LX-JX series, as pictured below, yet smaller, lighter, more nimble and much faster than the slightly larger Pro 30 size reels at a bargain price, from
$409.99. This reel will be at the top of everyones list.

The Avet HX 5/2 looks to be a real hoss. About the same size physically as the Trinidad 40, this reel will deliver performance unmatched by anything currently on the market. Our tests have shown incredible casting ability for a reel this size.

An outstanding performer, this reel will pull in 44 inches of line per crank, cast
a country mile, and sports reversible harness lugs on its open top design
The Hoo's high gear ratio of 5.4-1 it is quick enough for jigging, while its low
gear of 2.4 can pull most anything to the boat. The Handle is curved inward to place the center of effort as close to the rod as possible eliminating any
tendency to wobble on high speed retrieves

You can bet the boys at competing manufacturers will drop their jaw when
this reel hits the market.

Specifically designed with the giant wahoo in mind, this reel with its 5.4 high gear. 2.4 low gear will be quite capable of pulling in small marlin. tuna,
giant kings,etc.

Cabbage Key is proud to offer this outstanding piece of equipment, this is
another must have for the serious fisherman


Weight: 26 ounces
Line Capacity 325/40 mono, 400/80 hollow braid
Drag Pressure: 21 strike-27 max lbs
Gear Ratios: 2 speed= 5.4-1 2.4-1, single speed has a 4.2-1 ratio
8 s/s Sealed ball bearings
2 Rod Clamps
1 yr factory warranty 
$ 409

HXW wide spool
Wgt. 28 oz
Line capacity: 525 /40, 400/50 mono, 600/80 braid
Drag: 21 strike 27 max
Gear ratios 5:4-1, 2:4-1
8 s/s sealed ball bearings
2 Rod clamps
1 yr warranty  

HXJ  Narrow spool
Wgt. 25 ounces
Line Capacity: braid 300/80 425/65
Drag: 21 strike 27 max
Gear Ratios 5:4-1, 2:4-1
8 ss sealed ball bearings
Avet HX 5/2
Price: $409.00 Free US Shipping, Low int'l rates
Right or Left Hand
McCast Option? McCast is a $40 option

Avet HXJ 5/2
Price: $369.00 Free US Shipping, low int'l rates
Right or Left Hand
McCast Option? McCast is a $40 option

Avet HXW 5/2
Price: $429.00 Free US Shipping, low int'l rates
Right or Left Hand


Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed
Price: $289.00 Free US Shipping, low int'l rates

Avet HXW 4.2 Single Spd
Price: $309.00

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